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“My mom used to be very critical of me when I was a child for how much I needed something to look forward to. She thought that was a real character flaw. And she’d say, “Sometimes there’s just nothing to look forward to and you just have to live.”
Now I see that I’ve designed my life so that there’s always something to look forward to.”

— Miranda July (via)

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“"I tied up every portable telephone system in Central London for forty.. five minutes at lunchtime," he said.
There was silence, except for the distant swishing of cars.
“Yes?” said Hastur. “And then what?”
“Look, it wasn’t easy,” said Crowley.
“That’s all?” said Ligur.
“Look, people”
“And exactly what has that done to secure souls for our master?” said Hastur.
Crowley pulled himself together.
What could he tell them? That twenty thousand people got bloody furious? That you could hear the arteries clanging shut all across the city? And that then they went back and took it out on their secretaries or traffic wardens or whatever, and they took it out on other people? In all kinds of vindictive little ways which, and here was the good bit, they thought up themselves For the rest of the day. The pass along effects were incalculable. Thousands and thousands of souls all got a faint patina of tarnish, and you hardly had to lift a finger.
But you couldn’t tell that to demons like Hastur and Ligur. Fourteenth century minds, the lot of them. Spending years picking away at one soul. Admittedly it was craftsmanship, but you had to think differently these days. Not big, but wide. With five billion people in the world you couldn’t pick the buggers off one by one any more; you had to spread your effort. But demons like Ligur and Hastur wouldn’t understand. They’d never have thought up Welsh language television, for example. Or valueadded tax. Or Manchester.
He’d been particularly pleased with Manchester.”

"Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch” by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman


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Kerry Washington’s necklaces in “Scandal”.


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Famke Janssen by Marc Hispard, ELLE US, May 1987

Famke Janssen by Marc Hispard, ELLE US, May 1987

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Indian-inspired finger rings bangle, Alexander McQueen fw 2014-15 


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Rita Moreno


Rita Moreno

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Cutestreak Designs


Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Cutestreak Designs


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David Bowie- Young Americans

Bowie performing on Dick Cavett Show [4 of December 1974]

Thanks to “20 feet from stardom” now i spot young Luther Vancross singing back vocals on this.


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Robert Redford talks about what attracted him to his role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier [x]

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“Personally I think it is extremely selfish of Josh Charles to move on. I don’t understand why he doesn’t care about me. About my lying propped up in bed every Sunday evening wanting to spend time with him, wishing that one day he and Alicia would get it on one more time. That she will finally get rid of her husband. That, as imperfect as they are, she and Will finally realize they belong together. Doesn’t he know that a great show isn’t just something you watch? There is ritual, expectations built up over years. Love.”

from "The Woman Who Gave Up Sex"


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richard gere and lauren hutton’s hand in paul schrader’s “american gigolo”


richard gere and lauren hutton’s hand in paul schrader’s “american gigolo”



Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That though they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve at times a very star-like start.
Only, of course, they can’t sustain the part.

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Christian Dior fw 2014-15, makeup by Pat McGrath


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Kevin Bacon+Footloose+30YearsLater…

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